PRUE melbourne

Introducing PRUE melbourne, an exquisite collection of designer handbags crafted right here in Melbourne Australia, where Artisan craftmanship meets elegance. Born from years of immersive experience in the realm of high-end fashion, our founder, Prue, has journeyed through the world of accessories, soaking in the opulence of diverse styles and trends.

Drawing inspiration from the discerning tastes of handbag connoisseurs worldwide, PRUE melbourne marries sophistication with practicality, addressing the coveted desires expressed by fashion aficionados. Observing that there are Australian made bags with simple construction in the market, we recognise the need for structured elegance that transcends mere functionality.

Prue, our founder lived and breathed handbags and accessories when she was the Buyer for handbags and accessories for a large department store for many years, travelling the world selecting the finest products. Prue always dreamed of fusing her love of Handbags and jewellery together with the simple, structured shapes each adorned with the bold padlock signature fitting. And it is in 2024 that this fusion has come to life in Prue melbourne handbags, now available.

At PRUE melbourne, we believe in the fusion of artistry – where handbags and jewellery converge to create a unique statement piece. Each design is meticulously crafted to offer not just a fashion accessory but a tangible reflection of one's passion for both handbags and jewellery alike.

Australian made

Our journey is fuelled by the invaluable feedback and purchasing behaviours observed while working in the industry for over 20 years. We have meticulously listened, learned, and crafted every detail with precision, ensuring that PRUE melbourne handbags epitomise style, functionality, and uncompromising quality.

Moreover, PRUE melbourne stands as a testament to the burgeoning artisan community in Australia, determined to make its mark on the global stage. With a commitment to sourcing the finest materials and leveraging local craftsmanship, we aim to redefine the perception of Australian-made luxury. Artisanal craftsmanship lends unique character and quality to each Prue melbourne piece. Whether it be a meticulously crafted leather tote or a beautiful pouch, each piece tells a story of skilled hands and attention to detail. Detail that has come to life after years of improvement and passion guiding one of only few truely affordable Australian Designer handbag ranges.

Join us in celebrating the union of timeless elegance and contemporary allure with PRUE melbourne – where each handbag tells a story of passion, innovation, and the artistry of Australian design.


Do you deliver outside of Australia?

Yes we do. Anywhere Australia Post delivers we deliver. Postage charges are available at the checkout.


All PRUE melbourne bags come with a 12 month warranty for any manufacturing faults. This warranty includes the failure of hardware, components or workmanship.This warranty does not cover incidental damage or wear caused through standard wear and tear incurred through product use. If within 12 months of purchase your bag has a fault or needs repair, please contact us at PRUE melbourne Prue melbourne reserves the right to reject or accept any warranty claims.

Where are your bags made? 

All PRUE melbourne bags are proudly made in Melbourne, Australia.

Where is the leather from? 

All PRUE melbourne bags are made from high quality Italian leather.

How do I care for my leather bag?

We recommend using a neutral leather conditioner on your bag every 4-5 months. You can also wipe any dust off with a soft cloth  before storing your bag when not in use.

How do I store my leather bag?

Preferably keep your PRUE melbourne bag in the dust bag provided. Ensure you store your bag in a cool, dry place away from harsh sunlight or excessive temperatures. Do not store your bag in plastic. 

Do you go on sale?

PRUE melbourne bags are made in Australia in high quality Italian leather and are timeless in style.  We do not go on sale as PRUE melbourne is a boutique brand that are handmade in small quantities and designed to stand the test of time.